Used BALDOR 215TC #124530 for sale

ID: 124530
Vertical pump Wet material: stainless steel HP: 10 Inlet: 2" Outlet: 2" RPM: 3,450 Power requirements: 208-230/460V, 25/12A, 60Hz, 3-phase.
BALDOR 215TC is a submersible pump designed for efficient transfer of water and other fluids in a variety of industrial applications. It features a robust and reliable design, made of cast iron and stainless steel components which offer reliable and long-lasting performance. 215TC pump is an end-suction centrifugal model with a deep impeller vane design that offers maximum efficiency. It is available in single and three-phase models, operating on 50 or 60 Hz frequency for versatility. This pump is rated to handle up to 1.5 hp and is capable of a maximum head of 80 feet (244 m) and a maximum flow of 50 gpm (189 l/min). BALDOR 215TC pump has an oversized radial bearing and double-seal design for long motor life. Its oversized, stable mechanical seal is designed to provide reliable leak-free protection. Its open type impeller provides excellent solids-handling capabilities and its unique self-venting bowl design helps to maintain prime while preventing air binding. 215TC includes a variety of features which ensure maximum durability. This includes its corrosion-resistant stainless steel components which are designed for long-term operation in difficult environments. Additionally, its mechanical seal is protected against thermal shock and has an anti-friction bearing which minimizes noise. BALDOR 215TC pump also features an integrated automatic thermal overload protection to help protect against water damage or overheating. Additionally, it is certified for use with a variety of fuels, including diesel, biodiesel, and vegetable oil, for convenient operation. In summary, 215TC pump is a reliable and versatile submersible pump designed for various industrial applications. It features a robust and durable construction, a deep impeller vane design for efficient performance, as well as integrated thermal protection and solids-handling capabilities. It is an ideal choice for reliable and efficient fluid transfer.
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