Used BALDOR Super E 84.300029 #9092850 for sale

BALDOR Super E 84.300029
Super E 84.300029
ID: 9092850
Motor for Grundfos pumps.
BALDOR Super E 84.300029 is a high performance centrifugal pump that is designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications. This pump is capable of handling liquids with viscosities from 30 to 800 centistokes (cS) and temperatures up to 200°F (93°C). BALDOR Super E pump is equipped with a BALDOR motor that is designed for long life and performance. This motor delivers up to 30 horsepower (HP) of output power with a total efficiency of 92.4%. Additionally, this motor is made from stainless steel for added durability and corrosion resistance. BALDOR Super E 84.300029 pump is designed with a heavy-duty, bearing-supported shafts for firmness and maximum efficiency. With its reliable connections, BALDOR Super E pump will also fit most motor packages, making installation and operation easier. The pump itself is made from cast iron for the highest level of durability. It is also designed with reliable flow control impellers to ensure maximum performance. Furthermore, it is configured with an adjustable impeller bowl to customize the impeller speed and volume of flow. To ensure safety, BALDOR Super E pump is equipped with numerous features. These include a combination of mechanical seals and O-rings for oil containment, as well as a dual balance system that ensures minimal pressure drops. BALDOR Super E pump is also equipped with a vibration dampening option to ensure low levels of vibration in operation. In addition, BALDOR Super E 84.300029 is designed for easy maintenance. It features a cleanout port that allows for easy wiping and cleaning of the pump chamber. The pump can also be disassembled without tools, allowing for a variety of repairs and maintenance tasks to be completed in a matter of minutes. BALDOR Super E 84.300029 is a reliable and efficient centrifugal pump designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. Its durable construction, reliable motor, adjustable impeller bowl, and numerous safety features make it an ideal choice for any industry.
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