Used BALZERS DIF 160 ISO160 #9081519 for sale

DIF 160 ISO160
ID: 9081519
Diffusion pump, 1,100 l/s.
BALZERS DIF 160 ISO160 is a two-stage rotary vane pump, designed for use in high-vacuum applications. It is suitable for pumping a broad range of gases, including air, nitrogen, and many vapors. DIF 160 ISO160 has outstanding performance characteristics at both high and low pressure. In addition, it is designed to be maintenance-free and have a long life span, due to its efficient filtration equipment and ability to handle a wide range of gases and vapors. The pump utilizes two cylinders for precision rotary vane operation, which rotates on a central spindle and is driven by an electric motor. The two cylinders are made of aluminum to ensure maximum strength of the rotary vane while reducing at the same time friction losses. The sided effect of this is lower noise levels and shorter cycle times for the pump. The inlet and outlet valves of the pump are located on the sides of the pump for easy access. In addition, BALZERS DIF 160 ISO160 is designed with a low temperature oil filtration system to ensure highest efficiency. This allows it to continuously cool the oil used to lubricate the rotors, thus significantly increasing operational life span and reducing unit wear. DIF 160 ISO160 also features an oil circulation machine for increased efficiency. The oil circulates within the pump to ensure the lubricants are evenly distributed. This feature significantly reduces noise levels and helps extend the operational life of the pump. Other features of BALZERS DIF 160 ISO160 include a low-friction ball bearing for smooth rotation, as well as adjustable suction and delivery ports. The pump also has an adjustable pressure safety valve for safety, as well as a back-pressure valve for preventive maintenance. Overall, DIF 160 ISO160 is an ideal choice for use in high-vacuum applications, due to its efficiency, durability and ability to handle a wide range of gases and vapors. Its features and design make it a dependable and reliable pump for many industrial applications.
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