Used BALZERS DOU 120A #154382 for sale

DOU 120A
ID: 154382
oil vane pumps.
BALZERS DOU 120A pump is a low-pressure diaphragm pump designed to provide superior flow performance within a compact unit. This pump offers a maximum displacement of 8.6 cubic centimeters per revolution, allowing it to move a wide range of viscous liquids, gases, and mixtures. DOU 120A is a mechanically actuated, single-stage diaphragm pump that works by using compression forces to draw fluid into a chamber and then expels the fluid. The two main components of the pump are the diaphragm and the valve plate. The diaphragm is secured to the valve plate, and with each stroke of the actuator, the diaphragm compresses, forcing the liquid out of the chamber. After the liquid is forced out, the diaphragm returns to its original shape, drawing intake air and the pressurizing it. This process is repeated to move larger volumes of liquid and create a consistent flow rate. The pump features a robust and lightweight aluminum body, making it easy to carry and install. The housing is corrosion resistant and comes with an adjustable pressure relief valve for additional safety. This feature also guarantees a consistent performance for different types of fluids, even when the temperature or pressure conditions vary. With its semi-tubular design, the pump can operate safely even at maximum pressure up to 10 bar. BALZERS DOU 120A pump offers a variety of advantages, such as its low maintenance costs, its efficiency in terms of energy consumption, and its low noise levels. This helps to reduce the risk of hearing loss and improve the working environment. This pump is suited to a wide range of applications, from food and beverage production to industrial processing. Its reliability and economical operation make it a great choice for those who require high-performance pumping.
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