Used BALZERS TMH 1000C #9097023 for sale

TMH 1000C
ID: 9097023
Vacuum pump Pumping speed: 970 lit/sec for N2 Inlet flange: ISO25 Backing connection: KF40 Minimum size backing pump: 10 CMH minimum Cooling: Water Special features & Accessories: Controller & Cables.
BALZERS TMH 1000C is a rotary vane pump designed for continuous operation and long-term service. It is capable of operating on most chemicals, and is specifically designed for vacuum applications. It is totally enclosed, and features a quiet operation suitable for a laboratory environment. The compressor features a direct drive motor with output power of 1kW, and a single cast iron cylinder. Its single-stage air end is made from aluminum alloy and designed for high performance. It is capable of pumping speeds up to 1000m³/h, and offers vacuum capabilities down to -95mbar. The compressor has a dry screw vacuum design which eliminates the need for water to provide vacuum. The compressor's heat management is handled by a high efficiency oil/air cooling system. This cooling system ensures peak operating performance and ensures the safety of the operator and the environment. Additionally, the unit's temperature regulation system is coupled with an audit panel display for easy monitoring. TMH 1000C can be mounted in any orientation, including horizontal and vertical, and its robust design ensures no moving parts, offering reliable performance and maintenance-free operation. The compressor also includes an overload protection switch and manual reset switch for safety and convenience. Overall, BALZERS TMH 1000C is a reliable and reliable piece of industrial equipment used to move and control gases and liquids, making it ideal for many industrial applications. Its high capabilities, quiet operation, and reliable performance make it an ideal solution for many laboratory and industrial needs.
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