Used BALZERS TPU 060 #9097020 for sale

TPU 060
ID: 9097020
Vacuum pump Pumping speed: 60 lit/sec Inlet flange: CF63 Backing connection: KF16 Minimum size backing pump: 1.5CMH Cooling: Water/Air.
BALZERS TPU060 is a high-quality vacuum pump designed for the reliable and efficient transfer of air and gaseous fluids. It is a multi-stage vacuum pump with six stages designed to create a high-vacuum environment for various industrial applications. Designed with innovative technology, the pump features a wide range of operating temperature and pressure ranges and is capable of producing vacuums of up to 0.5 mbar. In terms of its design, TPU060 is made up of a number of parts that work together to generate the vacuum needed for the desired application. At the core is the base unit which houses the compressor fan, motor and drive system. The base unit also contains other critical components such as an oil reservoir, an oil trap, and an upstream filter. This is then connected to the pump head, which contains the individual pumping stages. It is this combination of pieces that makes BALZERS TPU060 so efficient and reliable at creating a high-vacuum environment. In terms of performance, TPU060 is capable of pumping up to 11 liters of air per second. This makes it highly suitable for a variety of industrial applications and is great for transferring fluids and creating a tight seal. Additionally, the pump is also outfitted with a range of safety features such as an overload and overpressure protection mechanism, as well as a pressure gauge to ensure that the user is aware of any changes in the pump's performance. BALZERS TPU060 also offers excellent value for money due to its advanced design and high-quality components. It has a long life span and minimal maintenance requirements, meaning that it is a reliable and cost-effective choice for a range of industrial applications. In addition, the pump features a number of accessories, including a quick installation kit, which allows users to install the pump quickly and efficiently. Overall, TPU060 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, efficient pump that can be used for a range of industrial applications. It combines innovative design, advanced technology, and a range of safety features to ensure that the user is able to achieve a high-vacuum environment with minimal effort. Operating at an efficient and reliable level of performance, the pump offers excellent value for money and is sure to meet the needs of the most demanding user.
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