Used BALZERS WKP250 #9081098 for sale

ID: 9081098
Blower 190 CFM with canned motor.
BALZERS WKP250 is a pumping unit that has been designed to provide solutions to a wide range of fluid media applications. It is well-suited for industrial applications where not only a high performance rate but also a high level of safety is required. WKP250 is a single vane, mechanically loose rotary progressive cavity positive displacement (PCPD) pump that has been built to deliver safe and highly reliable service in demanding industrial environments. This particular design is particularly well-suited for abrasive, highly viscous, and solids-content liquids. In terms of construction, BALZERS WKP250 is constructed of cast iron and is designed to be self-priming with an open-type inlet. Its inlet and discharge ports are aligned in the same direction and include NPT threaded connections at the inlet and outlet ports. It also features two shaft seals, both of which are made of braided graphite and are designed to last for up to five years. Additionally, the pump housing has been engineered to allow for a self-venting process during the operating cycle. The performance capability of WKP250 is highly impressive. It is capable of producing a maximum flow rate of 25 m³/h and a maximum operational pressure of 10 bar. This particular design is also capable of handling a wide range of temperatures, ranging from minus 40°C to plus 120°C. Its motor size is 0.75 kW and it operates at a rating speed of 5400 RPM. In terms of safety, BALZERS WKP250 features an emergency stop actuation and a manual pump control. If the pump senses any over-pressurization, it will automatically shut down and activate the emergency stop actuation. This helps to protect the pump from potentially damaging situations. Additionally, the pump has a thermal overload protection system that will shut it down if the temperature of the motor rises above its safe limit. WKP250 is also highly efficient and includes a pressure-balancing system that helps to eliminate liquid fluctuations due to working conditions. The injection-molded polymer shaft is designed to reduce wear and increases up-time by minimizing maintenance and parts exchange costs. The flexible rubber mounted bearing reduces vibrations and provides longer pump life. Overall, BALZERS WKP250 is a highly reliable and user-friendly positive displacement pump that has been built for a wide range of industrial media applications. Its construction is robust and the performance capabilities ensure that users have peace of mind when running the pump.
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