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BAXTER Repeater Plus
Repeater Plus
ID: 9053729
BAXTER Repeater Plus is a pump device designed for the safe and efficient delivery of a wide variety of medications. The pump is designed with precision accuracy and has a one-step setup process, allowing for easy and convenient operation. This device is constructed with a plastic casing designed for durability and features spring-loaded tubing connections for better medication delivery. Repeater Plus is capable of delivering a broad range of intravenous medications, such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, pain medications, and total parenteral nutrition solutions. It offers seven different delivery modes, including simultaneous flow, continuous flow, slow infusion, and timed bolus injection, allowing for greater flexibility in drug delivery. A built-in safety feature prevents accidental overdosing and incorrect dosage calculations. The pump also has customizable alarm and limit settings, allowing for more controlled administration of medications, and a delayed start action feature that ensures medications do not begin until the pump is ready. BAXTER Repeater Plus is also compatible with wireless remote control systems, allowing for greater control of medication delivery from a central location. For added safety, the device offers an audible alarm in the event of unexpected highs or lows. The pump also features a bright and easy-to-read LCD screen that shows the status of medication delivery, delivery time, and alarm history. This feature helps ensure that accurate data is gathered and that errors can be caught and corrected quickly. An automated open-flip design allows the device to be quickly changed from one delivery system to another in one easy motion. Repeater Plus is backed by a reliable manufacturer warranty, so users can rest assured that their device will remain functioning properly for many years to come. It is also compliant with most regulatory standards, providing protection from possible problems. Overall, BAXTER Repeater Plus is a reliable and efficient pump, providing users with precise medication delivery and greater control over their delivery process.
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