Used BEAMEX PGM/PGV #9089071 for sale

ID: 9089071
Hand Pump Kit Combines the PGM Pressure Generator Hand Pump and PGV Vacuum Generator Hand Pump PGM Pressure Generator Hand Pump: Output pressure: 0 to 20 bar/0 to 300 psi Pressure media: air (2) 1/8" NPT female connectors PGV Vacuum Generator Hand Pump: Output pressure: -0.9 to 0 bar/-13.7 to 0 psi Pressure media: air G 1/8" male 60° int cone.
BEAMEX PGM/PGV is a reliable and versatile centrifugal pump designed and manufactured by BEAMEX Corporation. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including the handling of both clean and contaminated water. The PGM/PGV features a robust construction consisting of a cast iron body and stainless steel components. It utilizes a twin-blade impeller for maximum efficiency, providing a constant flow at different pressures and different speeds. Its mechanical seal is made from carbon and ceramic materials which make the pump highly resistant to wear and tear. The PGM/PGV is designed to meet all applicable safety standards and is certified by UL and CE. It is equipped with a thermal protection device which prevents the pump from overheating, protecting both the pump and the system from major damage. The pump is also equipped with a pressure and relief valve, allowing it to operate in either open or closed circuit. The PGM/PGV is a high-efficiency pump that is capable of pumping liquids at a temperature of up to 50°C. Its maximum flow rate is 200 m3/h, while the maximum head pressure is 65m at an operating speed of 1450 rpm. This efficient performance is achieved due to its large volute diameter, high-efficiency impeller design, and low investment costs. The PGM/PGV is a reliable and economical solution for various water pumping applications. Its features, such as the mechanical seal, pressure and relief valve, thermal protection device, and economic cost are all attractive elements for prospective customers. The PGM/PGV is designed to offer long-term performance, reliability, and maximum efficiency.
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