Used BECKER VT4.40 #9093648 for sale

ID: 9093648
Vintage: 2005
Vacuum pump 2005 vintage.
BECKER VT4.40 is a positive displacement, rotary vane pump. It has been designed for medium-duty applications within the chemical, food processing, paper, and wastewater industries. It has the capability to handle thin, viscous fluids and is particularly suited to the introduction of cooling air or other gases into a liquid medium. The pump consists of two vanes positioned in a circular rotor housing close to the circumference of the casing. The rotor is driven at a high speed by a belt-driven electric motor, causing the vanes to rotate and be pushed against the side of the casing. This displacement causes a partial vacuum, creating a low pressure area, which draws the fluid into the chamber. The fluid then passes through a series of chambers formed by the vanes, compressing it into a higher pressure area. This creates a continuous flow of liquid that is discharged through a pressure relief valve to the outlet. The VT4.40 is constructed of durable stainless steel. Its design includes built- in safety mechanisms to reduce the chance of overload, and it also comes equipped with bearing seals to enhance performance and reduce noise levels. The sealing system is also configurable to match the customer's requirements. The VT4.40 offers variable speed control and can reach pressures of up to 4 bar and temperatures of up to 80°C. Its pump has an integral strainer, allowing it to operate with viscous liquids while avoiding any damage. In addition, the pump has a superior suction capability, allowing for easy priming when necessary. The VT4.40 is highly energy efficient and requires very little maintenance. Its performance is proven and reliable, delivering consistent and accurate results. It is also easy to install and operate, making it an excellent choice for medium-duty applications.
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