Used BELL & GOSSETT 1510 #9093143 for sale

ID: 9093143
Circulation pumps Size: 3BC-7.75BF 350 GPM 50 Head 1750 RPM 7.5 HP.
BELL & GOSSETT 1510 pump is a centrifugal pump that is used in commercial and industrial applications to move fluids. It has a 54 frame motor with three impellers in a sealed casing, allowing for high-pressure operation and a maximum flow rate of 3300 gallons per minute (gpm). The pump is designed for quiet operation and is constructed of stainless steel and bronze alloy for added corrosion resistance. It features adjustable speed setpoints and can operate at pressures up to 125 psi, making it suitable for many applications. The pump has a dry-running, low-maintenance mechanical seal that helps to reduce the need for regular maintenance and enables trouble-free operation. It also features a pop-off relief valve and a pressure switch that is designed to stop the pump if it encounters excessive loads or pressure drops. 1510 is suitable for pumping liquids with suspended solids, making it ideal for cooling water, chilled water, and other water pumping applications. The pump has NEMA Three-Speed Operation, which allows it to operate at three different speeds depending on the load, making it more energy-efficient. It also allows for variable-frequency operation, giving it the ability to work at a speed that is in-step with variable demands like cooling and heating loads. It also features a manually adjustable worn belt guide that ensures the proper alignment of the drive components, as well as a removable end cap for easier access to the interior of the pump. BELL & GOSSETT 1510 has a 125-pound weight and its dimensions are 19.7" diameter x 27.2" height x 13.7" depth. It is designed for reliable and efficient operation, with an energy efficiency rating of over 70%. It is corrosion-resistant with a life expectancy of up to 25,000 operating hours, and its 18-month warranty promises quality and performance that can last.
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