Used BOC EDWARDS EH 4200 #130162 for sale

EH 4200
ID: 130162
Direct drive roots vacuum boosters Water-cooled CFM: 2,935 Rotational speed: 3,500 RPM Ultimate vacuum: 7.5 x 10^-5 Torr Inlet port: ISO 250 Exhaust port: ISO 1000 Motor: 9.75 HP Hydrocarbon oil capacity: 11.7 quarts Power requirements: 208/230/460V, 3-phase, 60Hz.
BOC EDWARDS EH 4200 is an oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump designed for laboratory use. It is a one-stage vacuum pump designed with a direct drive system and provides an incredibly reliable and robust performance in vacuum applications. EH 4200 is classed as a 'high performance' vacuum pump, capable of delivering deeper vacuum levels than standard vacuum pumps, as it utilizes a patented EH+ motorhead and integral oil mist separator. The motorhead, which is mounted directly to the pump body of BOC EDWARDS EH 4200, includes a direct drive motor with in-built air cooling. This means that the motor is cooled simply by the airflow, itself, and does not require additional cooling or maintenance. This makes the pump incredibly simple to maintain as all components are designed with minimal servicing requirements in mind. Furthermore, all of the components of the pump, including the direct drive motor, offers an incredibly long and reliable life, even when the pump is used for 24/7 lab applications. This makes EH 4200 an ideal choice for reliability and efficiency in your laboratory. The materials and components that make up BOC EDWARDS EH 4200 are also of a premium grade, like the stainless steel and ceramic industrial grade, which provides improved protection against corrosion orwear and tear. Furthermore, EH 4200 also comes with a range of safety features and operational parameters that guarantee a safe, controlled and precise operation. The core vacuum system of BOC EDWARDS EH 4200 also includes a lubrication-free, motorhead-mounted, non-contacting unbalance mechnisms that minimise both wear and tear and improves efficiency, further enhancing the durability of the entire unit. Overall, EH 4200 offers an incredibly reliable and robust performance even in the most intense laboratory applications. With its efficient direct drive system, premium grade components, minimal service requirements and excellent safety features, BOC EDWARDS EH 4200 is the perfect choice for any laboratory.
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