Used BOC EDWARDS IQDP80 #175122 for sale

ID: 175122
DryStar vacuum pump with QMB250 booster Specifications: Intel model 3XIQDP80-QMB250/IQDP80 Ultimate vacuum rating: 7x10-4 mbar Maximum continuous inlet pressure: 20mbar Typical shaft-seal nitrogen flow: 7SLM Inlet: ISO 63 bolted Outlet: NW40 Peak speed: 305m3/hr Displacement: 375m3/hr Typical cooling water flow: 216 liters/hour Power: 208V 3phase 60Hz Components: Blower: QMB250 Pump: IQDP80 (SYS) Motors: D112M & D90L Electronics module D37208000 Electrics Module D37207000.
BOC EDWARDS IQDP80 pump is a professional grade vacuum pump designed for a wide range of applications including industrial and laboratory applications. This pump is optimised for pumping gases such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. IQDP80 is a diaphragm-based pump, which uses a diaphragm made of high-grade polyamide to provide a dry, clean flow and is capable of providing ultimate vacuum pressure as low as 50 mbar without the need for oil lubricants. BOC EDWARDS IQDP80 is extremely quiet, with low noise operation. This pump is capable of pumping large volumes of gas per minute, making it ideal for use in industrial processes such as vacuum deposition, coating, sputtering and degassing. Its high capacity means it can pump out large volumes quickly, allowing for faster production and more efficient use of energy. The system is designed to be air cooled, eliminating the need to add coolant. This makes it efficient and easy to maintain. IQDP80 is designed with a built-in protective mechanism to prevent overloading. This prevents accidents in production and ensures the longevity of the pump. The pump is also designed with user-adjustable pressure valves that allow the user to easily adjust the pressure as needed. This makes it easy to adjust the pressure for precise, precise control. BOC EDWARDS IQDP80 has an optimized inlet design which allows for maximum optimization of the flow rate throughout the entire outlet process. This allows for even and efficient pumping of gas. The pump also features an automatic purge valve that allows for quick purging to ensure the best performance. In conclusion, IQDP80 pump is a professional grade vacuum pump that is designed for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. It features a diaphragm-based design for clean, dry operation, a built-in protective mechanism, user-adjustable pressure valves and an optimized inlet design for maximum efficiency. Additionally, it has an automatic purge valve that ensures the best performance.
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