Used BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI HMB3000 / MB2 #174163 for sale

ID: 174163
Turbo pump.
BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI HMB3000 / MB2 is a multi stage, high-pressure oil-sealed rotary pump designed for use in high vacuum systems. The pump is particularly well-suited for pumping water and other liquids, due to its high efficiency and power output. It features an oil-sealed rotary vane unit that is designed to efficiently and quietly transfer high vacuum pressure from the inlet to the outlet port. The pump has a low sound signature and is built to perform reliably in harsh environments. BOC EDWARDS HMB3000 / MB2 is a single-stage rotary vane pump with a multi-bladed rotor that fits within an eccentrically mounted stationary housing. The rotating vane creates a sealed chamber and moves the vaporized material through a semi-annular space surrounding the rotor. This results in a steady, continuous flow of material. The pump has a maximum suction capacity of up to 6 cubic meters per hour and can reach a maximum suction pressure of up to 8 bar. It is also able to produce an exhaust pressure of up to 10 bar. SEIKO SEIKI HMB3000 / MB2 is designed with a motor and gearbox that is capable of operating up to an output speed of 22,000rpm. The pump also features an adjustable speed and can be used with a wide range of fluids and temperatures. Its built-in oil circulation system maintains efficiency, and its externally adjustable clearance helps ensure that the teeth of the screw rotors do not bind or become too close during operation. Additionally, the pump is equipped with a removable end plate, allowing operators to easily access or replace the unit's lubricants. HMB3000 / MB2 is designed for easy maintenance and repair. Its parts are designed to be readily accessed for cleaning, and the removable end plate makes it easier for operators to inspect the unit. It also features an overpressure valve that exhausts high pressure vapor through a rear condensing port and a pressure relief valve for controlling vapor flow. The pump also features a sight glass for monitoring the level of the pump oil ensuring that the correct amount is being used. In conclusion, BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI HMB3000 / MB2 pump is a reliable high-pressure oil-sealed rotary pump that is perfect for use in applications that require the pumping of water and other liquids. Its single-stage rotary vane design is quiet and efficient with a high thrust, adjustable speed and adjustable clearance. The unit is easy to maintain and repair, and its sight glass is useful for monitoring and filling oil levels. Finally, the pressure relief valve and overpressure valve provide an element of safety.
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