Used BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI iH1800 #155196 for sale

ID: 155196
BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI iH1800 is a dry vacuum pump capable of pumping a broad range of fluids. Its heavy-duty anodized aluminum body, combined with the rated capacity of up to 8.75m3/h, allows for superior reliability and performance. BOC EDWARDS iH1800 is made for industrial applications and offers a number of features to ensure dependable, safe operation in rough conditions. SEIKO SEIKI iH1800 is a two-stage mechanical booster pump that operates at a maximum pressure of 1.3 bar and a pumping speed of 800Kz. Its unique design reduces the temperature generated during operation and ensures steady operation. Additionally, the user-friendly interface lets the user set, monitor, and adjust all parameters. IH1800 uses an innovative design to increase efficiency, reduce noise, and reduce steam output. Its adjustable speed allows operators to adjust the pumping speed depending on the application. The high-quality construction also allows the pump to handle difficult fluids. Additionally, the robust design features include self-adjusting parts and a grease-lubricated vacuum chamber, which prolongs its life. The pump's dry-running features, such as the ceramic bearings, the flanged shaft and the integrated cooling, enable BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI iH1800 to run almost silently. Furthermore, its low-speed oil seals provide superior sealing performance, while the balanced and hardened impeller shaft increases stability and minimizes vibration. BOC EDWARDS iH1800 comes with an air-cooled design, as well as several accessories, including hoses and adapters, which makes installation easier. The manual-start control system eliminates the need for an electric power source. Moreover, the pump is suitable for both liquid and gaseous applications. SEIKO SEIKI iH1800 is reliable, efficient and durable, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications. Its simplicity and ease of use further enhance its performance. With its excellent performance and low noise output, iH1800 is sure to meet all of your vacuum pump needs.
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