Used BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1603B #9098680 for sale

ID: 9098680
Turbo pump.
BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1603B is a high-quality, heavy-duty oil-sealed rotary vane pump. This type of vacuum pump is widely used for industrial process applications such as extracting air, evacuating gas or liquid, degassing containers, and performing vacuum distillation, freeze drying, and thermal degassing tasks. It is designed to handle corrosive or reactive gases as well as hazardous vapors or liquids, and offer a quiet and reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions. BOC EDWARDS STP-A1603B operates with an operational speed range of 500 to 12,550 RPM and a maximum delivery rate of 107 m3/h. Its robust and durable impact-resistant cast iron housing boasts superior corrosion resistance, while its molded steel rotors, graphite vanes, and stainless steel shafts ensure that the pump is built to last. The pump also features an innovative vapor port purge assembly, which allows the vapor to be discharged from the pump without permitting gas leakage. SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1603B is extremely fuel efficient, owing to its large enclosed fan and air intake which control the flow of air for cooling. This makes it an ideal pump for commercial, industrial, and scientific applications. It also has several safety features such as an overpressure relief valve, a pressure-cutoff switch, and an optional interlocked safety switch that detects any malfunction and shuts down the pump automatically. The easy-to-use integrated control panel allows users to adjust operating parameters and select an optimal operating speed. The pump also offers flexibility for integration with other equipment, offering various porting options and an optional manifold. This enables STP-A1603B to be easily installed and safely operated for a range of applications. Overall, BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1603B is an ideal choice for those seeking reliable and efficient vacuum pumping in industrial processes. Its durable construction and enhanced safety features make it a perfect choice for demanding jobs, and its user-friendly design ensures a further efficient, easy-to-manage operation.
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