Used BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1603C #9098681 for sale

ID: 9098681
Turbo pump.
BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1603C is a vacuum pump designed for industrial and laboratory use. It is a high-performance, variable-speed rotary vane pump that operates on a three-phase power supply. The pump is composed of an aluminum casted motor housing with cast iron-base and encased in an anti-corrosive stainless steel enclosure. It features an advanced self-ventilated and thermally stable motor design, making it an ideal choice for handling tough operating conditions. The pump comes with an integrated control drive, allowing user to adjust the pump's rotational speed to match the application requirements. BOC EDWARDS STP-A1603C features a low-noise, power-regulated, oil-free vacuum pump that offers a wide operating range from 5 - 700 mbar(a). This pump offers high performance for a variety of processes, such as vacuuming, degassing, filtering, filling and emptying of containers, and as a backup pump for large systems. The power-regulated and diaphragm-controlled vacuum pump provides precise and stable vacuum levels in demanding applications such as in the medical, semiconductor, laboratory and chemical industry. SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1603C is a safe and compact pump, measuring approximately L180 x W180 x H230 mm. Its stainless-steel enclosure is designed to resist corrosion and high temperature applications. A sealed shaft is used for the centrifugal design to minimize oil leakage and ensure maximum reliability. The unit is designed with a built-in protective circuitry that triggers a warning in case of over- and under-speed of the main motor. The pump is also equipped with an over-current and over-temperature protection and detection. The internal pressure and bearing temperature can also be monitored for accurate and precise maintenance. In conclusion, STP-A1603C is an ideal vacuum pump for industrial and laboratory applications. With its Low-noise, power-regulated, oil-free vacuum pump, an integrated control drive and built-in protective circuitries, the pump ensures maximum reliability and performance for a wide range of processes. Its stainless-steel enclosure is resistant to corrosion and high temperature, while its sealed shaft helps minimize oil leakage.
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