Used BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203C #9098682 for sale

ID: 9098682
Turbo pump.
BOC EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203C is a heavy duty, three-phase oil sealed vane rotary pump. This type of pump is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, where aggressive liquids and high pressures need to be handled with ease and precision. It is ideal for use in high temperature applications such as ovens and furnaces for pumping oil, as well as for cooling or lubricating machining operations. BOC EDWARDS STP-A2203C model features a robust design that provides reliable performance under the toughest of operating conditions. It has a sturdy cast iron body with a thick stainless steel casing for corrosion resistance. Oil-lubricated vanes along with mechanical seals guarantee leak-free operation, even with high temperatures. Maximum acceptable pressure is limited to 100 psi, with a maximum flow rate of 40 litres/minute. SEIKO SEIKI STPA-2203C is fitted with an adjustable speed motor. This high-efficiency motor is equipped with a built-in overload and short circuit protection device. It is designed to ensure long-term reliability and durability due to its self-cooling capabilities. The motor features a wide speed range and can be adjusted with the convenient dial to accurately meet a wide variety of flow and pressure requirements. STP-A2203C is built to the highest standards, tested to ensure superior performance in the toughest applications. It is also designed for easy installation and maintenance. The unit is equipped with quick-connect fittings, allowing for fast setup, and it is designed to allow for easy and quick access to internal components for maintenance or repair if necessary. In short, SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203C is a high quality, heavy duty, three-phase oil sealed vane rotary pump. This pump is suitable for extreme environments where aggressive liquids, high pressures, and extreme temperatures are a challenge to be overcome. Its robust design, adjustable speed motor, and easy installation make it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, long-term pump solution.
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