Used BOC EDWARDS STP-A2203LVS #9094156 for sale

ID: 9094156
Turbo pump.
BOC EDWARDS STP-A2203LVS is a privately manufactured rotary vane vacuum pump capable of providing an environment under 29.6 inHg (99.8 kPa). This pump is designed with a two-stage symmetrical profiled rotor combined with a large, symmetrical slow-running motor. The motor is designed with an effective AC/DC brushless and is completely self-cooled by an air-to-water heat exchanger. It runs at a maximum continuous speed of 5,000 RPM and offers a quiet operation with minimum vibration. The motor is designed for protection against overload and single-phasing and has the capability to reach a 75% vacuum level within two minutes. In addition, the pump also offers an oil-free and low-particle-count design, which helps to reduce environment and safety concerns. The two-part blow-by system feature removes oil mist, eliminating the traditional misting issue associated with many other vacuum pumps. STP-A2203LVS is also designed with a large capacity blow-by filter and an integrated gas ballast valve and exhaust regulation system. The pump also offers reliable performance for different applications, including degasification, dehumidification, and condensation. The oil mist management points out of the pump during operation, making it suitable for the most demanding process applications. The quick response to situation changes, as well as its compact design, make BOC EDWARDS STP-A2203LVS an efficient and reliable choice for a variety of process applications. This product is easy to install and can be mounted on a variety of base plates. The fitting coils consist of HNBR O-Rings that are resistant to most chemicals. The low noise level and service requirements make this pump an attractive choice for both frequent and occasional use.
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