Used BOC EDWARDS STPA1000C #9074391 for sale

ID: 9074391
Roots blower pump STP control Currently de-installed.
BOC EDWARDS STPA1000C is a premium, general-purpose pump used for a variety of liquid pumping applications. It is characterized by its reliable and consistent performance, as well as its many features that make operation easy. STPA1000C is a centrifugal, direct drive, single-stage pump equipment designed to move non-corrosive liquids of up to 150 mm2/s. The pump is equipped with replaceable mechanical seals to help keep it in top running condition. It is capable of handling liquid temperatures up to 80°C and is designed with a PTFE-coated impeller to increase corrosion resistance. The pump's high efficiency ensures a maximum flow rate of up to 1,000 liters/minute and a maximum total head of up to 46 meters. It has a suction pressure of -87 kPa, with a maximum permissible operating pressure of 145 kPa. The pump is powered by an asynchronous electric motor with a single-phase, 230V AC, 50 Hz electrical supply. It also has an integrated thermal overload protection system, a built-in stainer, and an automatic protection against dry running. It is protected against a ingress rating of IP55 for increased protection against dust or other hard objects. The unit's compact design and lightweight construction make it an ideal choice for applications that require relocation or portability. BOC EDWARDS STPA1000C is compatible with a range of monitoring systems and networking protocols, allowing it to be integrated with a variety of control systems. It is also optionally available with a Digital Indicator/Starter unit, enabling remote setting and monitoring of its operating parameters. This allows operators to easily monitor the machine's performance, make necessary adjustments, and increase efficiency. In terms of safety, STPA1000C features high quality safety standards such as CE and ISO-certified seals, mechanical and thermal overcurrent protection, and emergency stop capability. It also carries a one-year warranty from BOC EDWARDS. This pump is perfect for a variety of commercial and industrial environments in need of a reliable and efficient liquid pumping tool.
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