Used BOC EDWARDS TDF-01 #134848 for sale

ID: 134848
Dry pump housing control box.
BOC EDWARDS TDF-01 is a reliable and efficient two stage rotary pump which is suitable for low and medium-vacuum applications. It offers an economical and competitively priced solution for evacuation and other satisfactory vacuum requirements. The pump is a three-head design, comprising of two compression stages and an oil-sealed rotary vane mechanism driven by an asynchronous motor. The pump is constructed from quality materials, designed for durability and long term upkeep. The upper and lower stages are integrated with a high capacity, oil-cooled mechanical seal which minimizes friction and wastage. The two compression stages are powered by a single motor and feature compression space volumes of 6.25 liters and 5.9 liters respectively. The upper grooved-shutter valve ensures a low ultimate vacuum pressure of 30 microns. The lower rotary valve assembly features a dynamically balanced helicoidal rotor to reduce bearing wear. The motors torque is adjustable which allows for more precise control of the pump's operation. TDF-01 is designed for continuous 24-hour running, with peak load of up to 4.5kW. The heavy-duty construction ensures a high thermal efficiency, operating temperature and improved system performance. The temperature control system features a fan and axial flow for optimal heat dissipation. The pump features an oil-tight construction with a double-sided oil collection trough and is provided with filtration, drain and fill ports. BOC EDWARDS TDF-01 is easy to install and maintain, with reduced running costs. It is reliable, durable and built to last. The large filter mesh ensures appropriate oil circulation and increase pump life. The rear-maintenance and service-loops allows for easy servicing and part-replacement. The solid base feet allows for sturdy installation and vibration-free operation. Overall, TDF-01 is a reliable and efficient pump suitable for low and medium-vacuum applications, which offers an economical and competitively priced solution.
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