Used BREDEL SP/25 #9092841 for sale

ID: 9092841
Hose pump Stainless Reliance Electric Motor, Part no. P14G7527P.
BREDEL SP/25 is a highly versatile, high-performance pump designed for extreme applications. It is a heavy-duty, positive displacement hose pump which makes it the ideal choice for highly demanding, precise and continuous applications in industrial, petrochemical and agricultural settings. The pump is able to handle a maximum capacity of up to 25 m³/h and a maximum working pressure of up to 16 bar. The pump is constructed with a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum body that is designed for tough environments. It features a flanged 24-pole motor which is designed for greater efficiency, reduced heat loss, and superior insulation, and is also equipped with double mechanical seals and air venting. The double mechanical seals reduce leakage potential, while the air venting increases safety and reduces wear and tear on the pump internals. BREDEL SP/25 is also equipped with a modular design, allowing for easy maintenance and upgrades. It can be integrated with the USE-IT system, a secure web-enabled operating and surveillance platform, for full monitoring and control, and can feature a number of different accessories to customize the pump to its application. The pump is also designed to be very efficient, providing an excellent balance between performance and energy consumption. This makes it perfect for low power applications, as well as those operating in areas subject to power fluctuation. BREDEL SP/25 is robust, reliable and dependable, making it an ideal choice for applications where safety and efficiency is of the utmost importance. It is fully enclosed and offers excellent long-term service, making it an ideal choice for production and industrial environments.
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