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CF 100
ID: 162389
BUSCH CF 100 is a high-performance vacuum pump designed to offer superior performance in demanding industrial and manufacturing processes. This rotary vane pump has an oil-free design, meaning that it doesn't require the replacement or addition of lubricating oils. This makes the pump cleaner and more ecological, as there is no risk of oil spills or leaks. CF 100 is fully compatible with both liquid and gas media, allowing versatile operation and use in a number of different applications. It offers an impressive performance in terms of its ultimate pressure rating, reaching ultimate vacuum pressures of up to 5 mbar. With a pumping speed of up to 100 m3/h and flow rates of up to 9 bar, BUSCH CF 100 can easily handle larger volumes of fluid, making this an ideal choice for industrial processes. CF 100 is further equipped with integral intake and exhaust filters that help keep the pump in optimal working condition and offer extra protection from any particles or other elements present in the media being pumped. This helps to ensure longer life as well as better performance and efficiency for the pump. In terms of its mechanical features, BUSCH CF 100 is designed for high reliability and efficient operation. It is equipped with an eccentrically mounted motor along with its non-contact, non-stop vanes which work to accurately regulate the internal pressure. The pump is designed to operate quietly, with noise levels of only 65 dB(A). This makes CF 100 an ideal choice for applications which need to be conducted quietly. BUSCH CF 100 is a highly effective and powerful vacuum pump that is capable of tackling the toughest industrial tasks. With its environment-friendly design, great performance and maximum reliability, this pump is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and quick-performing vacuum pump.
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