Used BUSCH CS0100 #9095098 for sale

ID: 9095098
Dry vacuum pumps.
BUSCH CS0100 is a positive displacement vacuum pump capable of producing flows up to 80 m³/h. It is a dry-running vacuum pump that operates without the use of external lubrication. This makes the pump an excellent choice for continuous operation in applications that require low ultimate vacuum pressures. The pump is designed to keep noise levels low, and it operates at relatively low temperatures. CS0100 is a single-stage pump that operates at a speed range of 2800-3400 rpm. It has an inlet diameter of 100 mm, a maximum vacuum pressure of 0.5 mbar, and a power usage of 3.0 kW. It has a direct drive design that allows for smooth, uniform operation, and an integrated cooling fan for efficient temperature control. The pump is also equipped with a differential pressure monitoring system that allows the user to monitor the performance of the pump and make any necessary adjustments. BUSCH CS0100 is constructed using high-quality materials in order to ensure reliable performance and long service life. It has a wear-resistant oil-resistant design and a flexible drive belt for maximum power efficiency. In addition, the pump is equipped with various safety features to protect against overheat and blockage. CS0100 is an easy-to-use pump that is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used in medical and pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, and R&D departments, as well as in variety of other settings where low-pressure vacuum levels are required. In order to ensure optimal performance, the pump must be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure its long-term reliability. Properly maintained, the pump is capable of providing years of reliable performance.
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