Used BUSCH DS700 #9098515 for sale

ID: 9098515
Dry pumps.
BUSCH DS700 is a high performance diaphragm pump designed to deliver consistent flow rates and precise pumping. It is equipped with a strong volumetric efficiency that combines the robustness of a diaphragm pump with the high efficiency of an external gear pump. DS700 is the product of choice for applications that require extreme durability and reliability in harsh environments. The pump is designed with a heavy-duty construction that has stainless steel components for corrosion-resistance, and a robust main shaft surrounded by a double-seal design to protect against leakage. BUSCH DS700 provides a reliable and efficient operation with its powerful radial-piston motor. This motor efficiently transfers power to the gears, allowing for continuous operation at any speed and pressure. Its various control options allow for accurate control of the pump curve, including the ability to vary speed, torque, and pressure. The pumping chamber is equipped with a double mechanical-seal design and precisely cut internal components for optimal feedback. The single-acting stroke ratio provides consistent performance with accurate delivery and minimal vibration. DS700 has a wide range of options for different applications like hydraulic systems, fuel systems, oil filtration, and paint. For added safety- BUSCH DS700 is equipped with a manual override that allows for manual operation during emergency situations. This is great for avoiding costly downtime and preventing leakage. Additionally, the pump has built-in safety valves that prevent pump overpressure and out-of-specification performance. DS700 is designed for efficient service and regular maintenance activities. This especially important when the duty-cycle of the pump is very high. Its robust construction allows for quick and easy disassembly and inspection of the pump components. Overall, BUSCH DS700 is an excellent choice for applications that require reliable pumping, accurate delivery, and extreme durability. It is well-suited for harsh applications and is able to provide consistent performance with minimal maintenance.
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