Used BUSCH Huckepack HC-0437D #121831 for sale

BUSCH Huckepack HC-0437D
Huckepack HC-0437D
ID: 121831
Pump Stored in a clean room.
BUSCH Huckepack HC-0437D is a twin-cylinder rotary vane pump designed for fast, reliable and quiet operation in industrial, medical and laboratory applications. Huckepack HC-0437D is designed for continuous operation and can be used for a variety of applications, including vacuum, low pressure, and metering. This air-operated pump can deliver a maximum of 14 mBar (1.4 kPa absolute) and has a maximum suction flow of 47.8 m³/h. The pump is equipped with a vibration and noise reduction equipment, ensuring a quiet environment during operation. BUSCH Huckepack HC-0437D is equipped with a two-stage compressed air system which allows for a high suction capacity as well as a low operating noise. This air-operated pump is also equipped with a stainless steel-reinforced stator, which provides added strength and durability. The pump also features a semi-open impeller and a special bearing unit which provide smooth and reliable operation. The pump has a single stage motor, which is capable of providing an effective rotor speed of up to 11,000 revolutions per minute. The motor is also designed to provide optimal cooling, making it well suited for continuous operation and higher temperatures. Additionally, Huckepack HC-0437D features a patented internal pressure sensing machine which monitors the pressure within the pump and can detect changes before they reach a critical level. BUSCH Huckepack HC-0437D pump includes an integrated safety tool which includes a pressure switch and an emergency stop button. This asset ensures the pump does not exceed its set pressure limit, reducing the risk of damage due to over-pressurization. Huckepack HC-0437D is a reliable, cost-effective pump for many industrial and laboratory applications. The high efficiency and quiet operation make it ideal for any application requiring precise performance and consistent results. The integrated safety model further ensures that the pump operates as intended, safely and reliably. The technical specifications of this pump make it the ideal choice for any application requiring a stable and consistent vacuum flow.
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