Used BUSCH MM-1102 #137240 for sale

ID: 137240
Dry Rotary Claw Pressure Pump Motor.
BUSCH MM-1102 pump is a mechanical diaphragm pump from BUSCH, a supplier of vacuum and pumping solutions. As a medium-dry running, single-head vacuum pump, MM-1102 is suitable for a wide range of vacuum applications with pumping speeds0f up to 300 m3/hr. This pump is designed for continuous operation and is renowned for its reliable operation, as well as its precision control, low vibration and low noise levels, making it ideal for vacuum processes. It is capable of vacuum pressures up to 10 mbar and forces up to 24 mbar, and features protective features such as inbuilt thermal overload protection and a backpressure circuit to prevent ice formation. BUSCH MM-1102 is made of durable material such as Santoprene, aluminum and stainless steel, making it built to last and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its single-stage diaphragm design makes the pump reliable and reduces the risk of stalling or seizing due to wear and buildup. Its vacuum connection flange allows for quick and easy installation of inlet and exhaust lines, and its dimensions are such that the pump easily integrates into any system. In terms of maintenance, MM-1102 requires minimal maintenance and servicing, making it cost effective and easy to maintain. The pump is easy to repair, thanks to its modular design, which allows for easy removal and replacement of older and damaged parts. In addition, the diaphragm assembly is field-replaceable, further streamlining maintenance and repair processes. In short, BUSCH MM-1102 Pump is highly reliable, efficient and easy to maintain. It is suitable for a wide range of vacuum processes thanks to its adaptability, flexibility and precision control. Its robust construction, long-term durability and low vibration and noise levels make it an ideal option for a wide range of applications.
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