Used BUSCH R5-010 #9096880 for sale

ID: 9096880
Pump Displacement: 10 CMH Vacuum: 5 Millibar Inlet connection: BSP Outlet connection: N/A Built in OMF Type of oil: H/C Motor power: 0.56kW, 415V, 3 Phase.
BUSCH R5-010 Vacuum Pump is a highly reliable, high performance industrial grade pump designed to provide reliable operation in a variety of applications. This rotary vane oil-sealed pump is designed for oil-free operation and features a die-cast aluminum housing, which offers both durability and corrosion resistance. R5-010 is backed by a powerful and robust 1 hp (0.75 kW) TEFC asynchronous motor, which allows for continuous usage without overloading the system. The single stage design operates at up to 10.25 m3/h (410 ACFM), offering a displacement of 1.25 cubic feet per minute (cfm), a maximum pressure of 26 inches of water column (inWC), and a maximum vacuum of 0.7 Torr. Additionally, BUSCH R5-010 features a rugged mechanical seal that provides optimum protection from leaks and prioritizes long-term reliability. R5-010 is designed for both commercial and industrial vacuum applications, allowing for installation in environments such as offices, factories, and laboratories. Easy installation and maintenance allow for quick and convenient set-up and operation. Further attention to convenience and reliability is seen in the built-in overload protector, bypass valve, oil level sight glass, and breather plug. The special vapour trap ensures that any vapor condensate is directly caught by the condensate separator. Overall, BUSCH R5-010 Vacuum Pump stands out for its reliability, high performance, and convenience. While designed primarily for commercial and industrial use, its light weight and ease of installation make it suitable for many different applications. Its superior design and features ensure a maintenance-free performance and long-term operation, and make it an excellent choice for users looking for an economical and reliable vacuum pump.
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