Used BUSCH RC0025.E506.1001 #9087092 for sale

BUSCH RC0025.E506.1001
ID: 9087092
Vacuum pump.
BUSCH RC0025.E506.1001 is a high-performance rotary vane vacuum pump designed to provide reliable and efficient vacuum generation across a broad range of industrial applications. The pump features an advanced motor and energy efficient induction motor design, offering a wide range of speed settings and increased performance with minimal power consumption. The motor is built with a sealed shaft and bearings for reliable operation and long life. The induction motor is protected by a fan cooled motor housing to reduce built up heat. The pump utilizes an advanced rotary vane design to achieve ultimate performance. The vanes are expertly balanced to provide superior vibration-free operation and are matched to a high-precision mechanical bearing system. The mechanical bearing system is also designed to self-adjust for optimal pump performance. The pump features a PTFE/Teflon base plate, which provides superior heat dissipation. The PTFE/Teflon also helps to reduce wear on the sliding vanes. The base plate is also protected from possible exhaust oil condensate that can occur from using the pump in atmospheric conditions. Other features include a pressure equalizing valve, which helps to provide stability against pressure shocks such as opened and closed exhausts. Finally, the pump is designed with a low noise level, with a dB(A) of only 59 dB(A). This ensures the pump is able to operate in environments where noise levels needs to be kept low. BUSCH RC0025.E506.1001 rotary vane vacuum pump is an ideal choice for industrial vacuum applications where peak performance, low noise levels, and energy efficiency are required. With intermittent use, the pump can achieve an ultimate vacuum of 120 mbar and an ultimate pressure of 1.3 bar.
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