Used BUSCH RC0025 #122136 for sale

ID: 122136
Vacuum pump Motor: 1 ½ horsepower Pumping speed: 18 ACFM Free air displacement: 20 CFM End vacuum: 15 Torr Power: 208/460V, 3 phase.
BUSCH RC0025 is a high-performance, oil-lubricated, rotary vane vacuum pump equipped with advanced features for use in the laboratory and industrial settings. This powerful pump can provide a vacuum of up to 133 mbar with no pulsation and minimal noise levels. Additionally, it is one of the most efficient pumps in the rotary vane family, consuming less power and producing less heat. RC0025 is made of durable materials to meet demanding industrial standards. It is equipped with an integrated shaft seal as well as a corrosion-resistant aluminum casing. The cast-iron deflectors ensure long-term stability and reliability. The bushing and seals are available in both a standard and a high temperature version, allowing for more efficient operation in more extreme conditions. Inventory records can be kept accurately thanks to the pump's digital read-out display, which shows exact inlet pressures. Its motor speed is adjustable for use with a variety of applications, allowing for superior performance with maximum efficiency and minimal heat output. Additionally, the pump is equipped with a low-vibration design and rubber suspension brackets that absorb any residual vibrations from the exhaust gas. BUSCH RC0025 is compact and lightweight, which makes for easy installation and transportation. Its integrated oil mist extractor, managed cooling system, and an easy-to-operate control panel make maintenance easy, so the user can always maintain high levels of efficiency and safety. RC0025 is an industry-leading rotary vane vacuum pump and is engineered to provide superior performance and low maintenance needs. Its efficiency and low noise levels make it the ideal pump for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications. When combined with its digital read-out display, adjustable motor speed, and durable construction, BUSCH RC0025 is an excellent choice for customers looking for reliable, high-performance vacuum pumps.
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