Used BUSCH RC0063.E506.1001 #9087094 for sale

BUSCH RC0063.E506.1001
ID: 9087094
BUSCH RC0063.E506.1001 is a vacuum pump that is used mainly for the transportation of neutral and hazardous products. This robust, durable, and reliable pump is designed to efficiently transfer liquids, gases, and other substances with a rotary impulse action. It is equipped with a highly efficient patented technology, which emphasizes both its operational reliability and efficiency. The pump is constructed of a durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum exterior. It includes a permanent grinder, which is designed to reduce the size of solids and prevent clogging and a patented air column-controlled single-stage synchronous motor offering high torque at low speed. The motor utilizes a unique flow-guiding equipment and air collection channel for maximum efficiency. The pump is capable of working in extreme temperature and humidity conditions ranging from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. BUSCH RC0063.E506.1001 features a simple and practical control system with a touch screen control panel offering digital information on performance, operating parameters, and performance status. It also comes with a warning unit that allows the user to be immediately alerted in case of an emergency. The pump is equipped with an adjustable vacuum valve and pressure gauge, and a self-lubrication machine that helps to extend its lifespan. BUSCH RC0063.E506.1001 includes several safety features such as an overload protection tool, an emergency shut-off device, automatic temperature and pressure monitoring with automatic restart, and an antistatic protection which prevents dust and other particles from entering the asset. It also offers several added features such as a non-return valve, an air bleed model, a safety lock which prevents unsupervised access, and an external exhaust filtering equipment. This pump utilizes a durable design and provides excellent performance. It is efficient and easy to maintain and is the ideal choice for both industrial and commercial applications. BUSCH RC0063.E506.1001 is a robust and reliable pump that promises maximum efficiency, long-term dependability, and safety.
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