Used BUSCH RC0063 #122138 for sale

ID: 122138
Pump, 36 cfm Power: 208/460V.
BUSCH RC0063 is a rotary vane vacuum pump, designed to meet the demands of industrial and commercial applications where a reliable and efficient operation is required. RC0063 is designed and manufactured by BUSCH, a leading manufacturer of vacuum technology, and offers exceptional performance and reliability. BUSCH RC0063 operates using the simple concepts of atmospheric pressure and the principle of vacuum production, which is achieved by creating a partial vacuum within the pumping chamber. This vacuum is created by drawing a continuous stream of air into the chamber and reducing the pressure by means of a series of rotating vanes. The resulting vacuum causes an inrush of atmosphere into the chamber, which is then compressed, expelled, and re-directed to the next chamber for further compression and expansion. This process is repeated until the desired vacuum level is achieved. RC0063 is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, making it highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and ensuring a reliable, long-term life. Its robust design ensures the pump will remain effective in applications where other rotary vane pumps may falter. BUSCH RC0063 is highly efficient and has been designed to deliver a maximum performance at all operating pressures and speeds, with low operating noise and minimal vibration. RC0063 is designed to provide an efficient and reliable operation in a wide range of applications, including in the automotive, vacuum packaging, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, microbiological and chemical industries. The pump is also capable of extracting air, water and other liquids and is suitable for continuous operation in harsh environments. Finally, BUSCH RC0063 has been designed to provide a low-maintenance operation and boasts extended service life. It incorporates several advanced features, including automatic lubrication, safety valves and automatic overload protection, so the user can enjoy worry-free operation.
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