Used BUSCH RC0100-E50-6-1003 #127976 for sale

BUSCH RC0100-E50-6-1003
ID: 127976
Vacuum pump.
BUSCH RC0100-E50-6-1003 is a rotary-vane vacuum pump that has been developed to meet the requirements of industrial applications. Its main purpose is to create a vacuum in a system, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as degassing, filtration, extraction, and vacuum packaging. The pump features a single-stage design that includes a rotor with eccentrically mounted vanes. This design helps to maximize the efficiency while ensuring low noise and low operating costs. RC0100-E50-6-1003 features a self-venting motor drive, allowing it to run at a continuous speed without interruption. It comes with standard connections for inlet and outlet, allowing it to be easily connected to other components in the system. The pump can achieve a final vacuum of up to 100 mbar (absolute), with an air throughput of up to 65 m³/h. Its mains voltage of 400 VAC, three-phase ensures it can be used in a wide range of industrial settings. The unit's size and weight of 830 mm x 475 mm x 740 mm and 90 kg is also conveniently compact, allowing it to be mounted in tight spaces. BUSCH RC0100-E50-6-1003 is accompanied by a range of accessories for safe and easy setup and operation. It includes an intake service kit, a exhaust filter, and a set of electrical cables and plugs. Additionally, it also features integrated electronic protection devices for overload and over-temperature, helping to prevent operational errors. RC0100-E50-6-1003 is an incredibly versatile and reliable vacuum pump that is perfect for a variety of industrial applications. With its excellent performance and robust construction, it is sure to meet the most demanding requirements. The pump is designed to provide long-term reliability and service life at minimal maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective solution.
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