Used BUSCH RCO 025 #153555 for sale

RCO 025
ID: 153555
Pump without tank, 20 CFM.
BUSCH RCO 025 is a powerful rotary vane vacuum pump designed for ease of operation and maintenance. It has a single-stage, oil-lubricated, low-noise design that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in laboratories, medical, industrial, and environmental processes. RCO 025 is equipped with a thermally protected motor and shock absorbers to make it robust and efficient whilst also providing a high-end performance. Its pressure range reaches up to 40mbar, ensuring maximum efficiency in low-pressure applications. The pump is fitted with sealed sliding vanes, which ensure maximum durability due to their corrosion-resistant construction, whilst also helping to provide quiet operation and low maintenance costs. BUSCH RCO 025 vacuum pump model is designed for maximum reliability in operation. Its innovative concept allows for easy installation and maintenance, with many of its components easily accessible for quick cleaning and maintenance. Its integrated oiler enables easier access for oil control checks and refills, whilst its accessible gas ballast valve provides great efficiency for high-vacuum applications. The pump can be operated in either continuous or intermittent mode to allow for a greater range of applications. It has an inlet tolerating volumes from 4 to 8 m3/h, allowing for fast and efficient operation. The motor of RCO 025 is designed for safe and reliable operation with protection against overload and phase loss. The pump's atmospheric condenser and flange connection also ensure efficient operation and maximum performance. With a compact design, the pump fits easily into any workspace, making it suitable in a variety of applications. Equipped with a wide range of power options, the pump is easy to install and ideal for use in a variety of industries. BUSCH RCO 025 pump is clearly the choice for a reliable and efficient vacuum pump. The robust design and its low-maintenance requirements ensure excellent performance while its adjustable flexibility make it ideal for many industrial applications. The ease of installation, energy efficiency and long-term savings make this an excellent choice for any industrial or laboratory use.
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