Used BUSCH RCO 040 #153556 for sale

RCO 040
ID: 153556
Pump, 28 CFM.
BUSCH RCO 040 is a rotary vane vacuum pump designed to provide a thorough and consistent volume of pumped gas. The pump is based on the principle of a rotating rotor vanes inside a cylindrical fixed housing. When the rotor rotates, the sound from the air is 'sucked' into the inlet and transported to the outlet. The motor shaft and rotor is directly coupled to the pump. The pump is designed to run reliably and efficiently in a variety of applications and has an efficient pumping speed of 401 m3/h.The low energy consumption ensures a low running cost, while the lubrication-free operation ensures a continuous operation. The innovative design of the pump ensures reliable operation and consistent results. Its high temperature resistant rotor and large stainless steel plate ensure an operational temperature range of up to 350°C. The design also ensures acoustic and thermal insulation, resulting in a low-noise operation and a minimum of external heat loss. Additionally, the pump is designed with an adjustable gas ballast valve and compatible with a wide range of oils. The pump also features a number of safety measures. A built-in emergency stop for emergency situations, an adjustable throttle for controlling the distance between the rotor and the housing, and a large visual inspection window for hassle-free visual inspection. Additionally, a double-ended mechanical seal is included for eliminating air leakage. RCO 040 is an ideal choice for applications in industries such as medical and research. It is highly reliable, efficient and offers a number of safety measures, making it an ideal option to achieve a perfect process results. Whether the need is for a reliable vacuum or air compression, BUSCH RCO 040 guarantees to perform in the most efficient way possible.
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