Used BUSCH SV1025IL #9089711 for sale

ID: 9089711
Vacuum pump, 120mbar Flow rate: 4.2 to 25 m3/h For air and non-aggressive gases 230V, 50Hz, IP54, 0.75kW.
BUSCH SV1025IL is a heavy-duty industrial vacuum pump designed for continuous operation in demanding environments. It is an Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane pump, which enables a low noise level and power consumption, while providing consistent pumping performance. The pump is suitable for applications such as material handling, deep vacuum, drying, and degassing. Its rugged, stainless steel construction provides long-term reliability with minimal maintenance requirements. The pump is equipped with an IE3 electric motor with speed control, ensuring efficient operation with reduced energy consumption. It is powered by a single-phase 115/230V AC, which allows for easy integration into most facility infrastructures. The motor is protected by an electronic overload device, which limits power intake in the event of overloading. The displacement of the pump is 2.5 m3/h, suitable for pumping air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and other inert gases. The maximum vacuum attainable is 0.1 mbar, while the maximum operating pressure is up to 0.2 bar. The operating temperature range is from -10°C to 40°C, with an ambient temperature range of -20°C to 55°C. An integrated sound insulation package reduces the noise level to approximately 51 dB (A). SV1025IL is designed with a long operating life of up to 20000 hours, thanks to its single-stage,Direct Inlet & Exhaust design which minimizes internal stress. Equipped with a 4-point air cooling system and integrated dry filters to protect the internal components from contamination, as well as integrated Oil Sight Glasses for easy monitoring of oil level, wire mesh inlet filters for easy maintenance, and an oil sump level sensor and alarm, it meets even the most stringent industrial standards. The pump is available with a wide range of accessories and parts such as mounting frames, couplings, exhaust silencers and more, allowing for customized installations. It is also backed by a comprehensive service package, with hotlines, spare parts availability, and short delivery times.
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