Used BUSCH WY1250 #141755 for sale

ID: 141755
Blowers mounted in their frames.
BUSCH WY 1250 is an advanced single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, with a quiet operation and robust construction that meets all requisite safety standards. It is suitable for a range of applications such as laboratory and scientific processes, drying and reworking, degassing and evacuation, medical processes, and film and paper processing. WY 1250 features a compact, self-lubricated design with only four moving parts, enabling easy maintenance and low wear. This efficient pump has an ultimate vacuum capability of up to 0.6 mbar (6 Torr) and a powerful and reliable 1H2 motor. Responsive, adjustable speed control via a DIN snap-on control cable further enhances the pump's performance for a variety of uses. Low noise and vibration levels make it highly suitable for laboratory and other settings where noise must be kept to a minimum. BUSCH WY 1250 is manufactured with a robust steel housing, offering increased corrosion resistance and type certification with protection class IP 40, providing long-term reliability even in the toughest conditions. Both flexible silicone grease and wax-warm to dry running media compatibility further ensure the highest quality performance. The varying inlet and outlet port sizes allow for flexibility in configuring the line fitment. The performance of WY 1250 has been further enhanced with additional features like Anti Suck-Back and Anti Spill valves, ensuring the pump operates without unwanted air exchange. With an integrated air filter for the inlet, the pump is well-protected against dust particles and other debris, making it suitable for a range of applications. BUSCH WY 1250 is ideal for a range of scientific, medical, and industrial applications, with its powerful performance, adjustable speed control, low noise and vibration, and enhanced safety features. A cost-effective and reliable solution, this processor-plus powered pump is designed to meet the professional vacuum needs of any laboratory or industrial setting.
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