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COLE PARMER Masterflex
ID: 9053971
Cole-Parmer COLE PARMER Masterflex is a peristaltic pump that excels in low-flow accuracy with variable speed control. This laboratory pump has been designed to provide safe and reliable operation for a range of applications. Masterflex offers exceptional performance and versatility, allowing accurate delivery of a variety of liquids, slurries and viscous materials. The pump utilizes a simple motor and roller assembly which, when combined with the adjustable-speed drive system, provides precise flow control through reverse and forward speed. Furthermore, the pump is designed to provide quick and easy pressure relief, which is essential in high volume, long duration applications. Also, depending on the task a user has in mind, they can choose between an internal and external rotor type of motor. The Cole-Parmer COLE PARMER Masterflex operates in temperatures ranging from -20 to 132 degrees Celsius, and is capable of handling pressures up to 5 bar. Its pump head is incredibly resilient and is equipped with durable fluorocarbon pump tubing that maintains high resistance to abrasion and chemicals and offers a wide range of features in relation to its design. The pump also features durable feet which has been designed to absorb shock, reduce vibration, and ensure long-term durability. Another standout feature of the Cole-Parmer Masterflex is its control system, which provides users with a great deal of flexibility with regards to their desired flow rate. With the ergonomic control knob, users can accurately fine-tune their speed settings. The motor's built-in microprocessor offers additional speed control via the LCD display and a variety of programming options. The Cole-Parmer COLE PARMER Masterflex is an asset to any scientific team. Its versatile design, which allows for single and multiple channel configurations, makes it a great choice for a plethora of laboratory-based tasks. It is an ideal solution for sumps, multi-leg patient monitoring, or blood testing applications, and many more.
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