Used COLE PARMER Masterflex #9071106 for sale

COLE PARMER Masterflex
ID: 9071106
Pump Analog controlled console drive.
COLE PARMER Masterflex pump is a reliable and flexible pump equipment designed to meet the dynamic needs of a variety of laboratory and manufacturing operations. This flexible pump system features a highly advanced stepper motor that allows for a wide range of pumping speeds, from 1 rpm to 10,000 rpm, ensuring the precise control of fluid transfer operations. The pump features a back-lit LED display to view speed settings, and a manual variable speed control knob for fine-tuning motion accuracy. Masterflex pump also has several different tubing options, including chemically-resistant polyethylene, stainless steel, and PVC, so it can be used with a variety of chemicals and fluids. Furthermore, the variable-speed drive and disposable pump heads make it easy to switch between pumping operations without wasting time on cleaning or maintenance. To that end, the robust design of COLE PARMER Masterflex unit and long pump life ensure continuous performance in a variety of industrial settings. In addition to its ability to accurately control pumping operations, Masterflex is also known for its exceptional safety features. The machine includes built-in over-pressure and reverse-flow protections, ensuring the safe transfer of fluids. The powerful motor also features built-in thermal protection to avoid potential overheating. The user-friendly controls, such as the variable-speed control knob, also contribute to the tool's safety. The result is a reliable pump asset that can meet the dynamic needs of a variety of laboratory and manufacturing processes. Overall, COLE PARMER Masterflex pump is a powerful, reliable, and highly versatile pump model. Its advanced stepper motor and adjustable speed control guarantee precise fluid transfer, while its various tubing options accommodate different fluids and chemicals. Its robust design and thermal protection also ensure safe operation in a range of industrial settings. Masterflex equipment can therefore be relied upon for its accuracy, flexibility and safety, making it an ideal choice for many applications.
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