Used CRAFTSMAN 919.465612 #161849 for sale

CRAFTSMAN 919.465612
ID: 161849
Air Compressor.
CRAFTSMAN 919.465612 is a high-powered, reliable pump designed to provide a number of practical solutions for residential and commercial applications. Whether for use with a garden or agricultural irrigation system or for inflating tires on a work or recreational vehicle, this model offers quality, durability and efficiency. CRAFTSMAN 919.465612 is powered by a CRAFTSMAN 4-stroke, OHV engine which runs on a mix of gasoline and oil providing high-pressure, torque-loaded performance. The easy-starting, chemical-resistant, high-torque engine is ideal for any number of pumping jobs, such as emptying swimming pools, transporting liquids and emptying ponds. This robust engine is capable of producing a maximum flow rate of 7.3 gallons per minute and maximum pressure of 101 psi. This makes it suitable for any job requiring reliable, high-pressure performance. CRAFTSMAN 919.465612 also has several convenient features, such as the primer lever. This lever allows the user to quickly prime the engine with fuel to ensure fast starts, saving time and effort. The fuel tank also has a large capacity with an easy-to-read fuel level indicator, making fuel refills quick and easy. In addition, the pump is designed with a large, easy-grab handle and extra-wide wheelbase for balanced transport, allowing it to be moved easily between sites where the job requires. CRAFTSMAN 919.465612 is the perfect choice for tackling any job requiring a reliable and powerful pump. With its easy-start engine, durable construction and spacious fuel tank, CRAFTSMAN pump has the capacity and reliability needed to get the job done right, with minimal effort and expense. Whether for inflating tires, emptying ponds or irrigation, this pump will provide reliable, dependable performance for years to come.
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