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CTI 10 (On-Board)
10 (On-Board)
ID: 9076618
CTI 10 (On-Board) is a highly reliable and precise pump developed by McDonnell & Miller. This electric pump is designed to provide a continuous supply of hydraulic power for onboard systems aboard a variety of marine and land vehicles. This pump is an electronically controlled, constant pressure displacement pump that provides a precise, stable performance in the most challenging conditions. CTI 10 (On-Board) is characterized by its compact size and lightweight design, along with its maximum power output of up to 10 horsepower. This makes it ideal for use in tight space where other pumps may not be able to reach. The unit features an integrated relief valve, allowing it to provide pressure-only control when required. It also features a sealed motor housing, providing protection from the harshest environments. The pump is is designed to provide flow rates of up to 500 litres/minute, ensuring an ample supply of power for the associated on-board systems. This is possible through its adjustable flow rates which can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a particular application. Additionally, CTI 10 (On-Board) also offers an efficient displacement and a compact design. The pump also incorporates a system jam timer, allowing it to reset itself after a stall condition is detected. This provides further protection to ensure reliable operation for the host system. Overall, CTI 10 (On-Board) is an important component of today's mobile vehicle systems, providing reliable and precise performance in demanding environments. Its compact size and low weight make it especially suitable for space-limited applications, while its adjustable flow rates and integrated pressure-only control offers precise, dependable performance.
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