Used CTI 8 #135765 for sale

ID: 135765
Wafer Size: 8"
Cryopump, 8" Part no: 8033299 With ISO flange.
CTI 8 is a premium efficient centrifugal pump manufactured by CAE Pumps & Systems that provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for many water pumping applications. The pump is made from durable stainless steel and uses state-of-the-art design, which ensures reliable performance in a wide range of conditions. 8 is designed to meet the highest quality standards, making it a dependable choice for reliable water pumping applications. The rotor of the pump is designed with a dynamically balanced stainless steel impeller and shaft with a high efficiency hydraulic design. This allows for efficient operation, accommodating higher flow rates with minimal pressure drop. The pump features dual mechanical seals with a fully integrated seal cover equipment, allowing for an increased seal life and improved reliability. The unique seal cover system also helps reduce noise, vibration, and wear and tear. This makes the pump highly suitable for running for extended periods of time without interruption. The suction and discharge of the pump is designed with flanged connections, making it easier to install and connect to pipelines. The inlet also features a steeper port angle that allows for better self-priming performance. The shaft of the pump is designed with dynamic protection to ensure maximum performance. The pump also incorporates a screw-mounted motor bracket with flexible connection, allowing for precise adjustment and easy maintenance. The pump is equipped with advanced plug-and-play electronics, making it simple to control and monitor the pump's performance. This helps ensure real-time operational data is collected and monitored to ensure optimal performance and condition. The smart intelligence unit within the pump allows it to identify and alert the user to potential problems before they happen. It also helps improve overall efficiency by regulating the pump to operate within the optimal pressure range. Overall, CTI 8 is an ideal choice for almost any water pumping application due to its reliable performance and advanced design features. The combination of the durable stainless steel construction, advanced hydraulic design, and intelligent electronic machine, provide a powerful and dependable water pumping solution.
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