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CTI 8001
ID: 9097942
CTI 8001 is an advanced positive displacement pump designed for industrial applications. It is a totally-enclosed, variable-speed drive, direct-coupled pump that provides smooth and reliable service. This pump can range in size from ½ HP all the way up to 12 HP depending on the application. Its main advantage is its ability to precisely and reliably maintain a continuous flow rate. It features a number of innovations that set it apart from other positive displacement pumps, including a robust seal, a robust liquid corner, and an ultra-low-vibration design. 8001 pump offers a wide range of control options including adjustable frequency, direct current (DC) input voltage, and pulse width modulation (PWM). This allows for precise control over the flow rate of the pump. The pump also includes adjustable priming speed, allowing for longer periods of priming and faster restart time. Additionally, CTI 8001 has a compact size and low power consumption. 8001 pump has a reliable bearing-oriented mechanical design. It features high-volume bearings to reduce vibrations and prevent bearing failure. The pumping chamber is designed to minimize turbulence and allow for a smooth flow of liquid. The design also reduces the noise and stress on the motor while increasing the seal life. Additionally, CTI 8001 has an adjustable mechanical seal. This seal provides improved protection from leakage while still allowing for normal operation. 8001 pump is designed for use in hazardous or explosive environments. It is constructed with high resistance to shock and overload and meets international safety standards. Additionally, CTI 8001 is corrosion-resistant and can be mounted above or below the liquid level. In conclusion, 8001 is a reliable and durable positive displacement pump capable of handling a variety of industrial applications. It offers adjustable frequency, direct current input voltage, and pulse width modulation, as well as adjustable priming speed and low power consumption. The mechanical design reduces vibrations and provides enhanced protection from leakage. CTI 8001 is ideal for hazardous or explosive environments and is corrosion-resistant. Overall, 8001 offers superior performance and safety.
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