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CTI 8096
ID: 174330
Cryo compressor, warehoused.
CTI 8096 is a high-specification, heavy-duty, vertically-mounted, single-stage centrifugal pump from Cole-Parmer. This pump is designed for demanding applications requiring precise flow rates and pressure control, making it ideal for industrial, medical, agricultural and laboratory applications. 8096 is available in either NEMA or TEFC motor configurations, allowing for flexible mounting options and the ability to choose the right motor for the job. Both versions are constructed with a sturdy pump housing and can be used in temperatures up to 140°F (60 °C). An internal pressure relief valve helps protect the pump during overpressure conditions while a wide assortment of fittings, valve combinations and optional manual override enable the system to be tailored to a variety of applications. CTI 8096 is compatible with a wide range of feed materials and can be used with any number of non-corrosive, non-explosive fluids including water, light and heavy oils, NSF approved solvents, and acids. 8096 features a high torque motor for powerful performance and efficient performance of up to 4300rpm. The pump has a maximum capacity of 148 gallons per minute (GPM) and a maximum pressure of 300 PSI (20 bar). The standard two-port design pumps fluids between the inlet and outlet ports, while the four-port design allows porting to be used as needed. CTI 8096 is designed to be low maintenance and use minimal energy to reduce costs. The pump comes with an easy to use, intuitive control display with built-in alarm and automatic shutdown functions. Programmable, state-of-the-art microprocessor controls provide precise flow and pressure control, while stainless steel and aluminum construction ensure the pump will withstand the test of time. An all-metal gear mechanism eliminates coughing and provide longer operational life. Optional accessories are available to customize the pump's settings for specific applications. For users who need to move fluids for medical or laboratory applications, or for those in need of an efficient pump for industrial applications, 8096 is the perfect choice. This powerful pump combines long-lasting stainless steel and aluminum construction with an efficient motor, precise pressure control, and customizable settings to deliver an impressive performance every time.
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