Used CTI 8200 #162986 for sale

ID: 162986
Air-cooled compressor 1 Phase and 3 Phase.
CTI 8200, provided by CAE Pumps and Systems, is a centrifugal pump specifically designed to transfer fluids at higher volumes. This type of pump is a volumetric device that utilizes a rotating impeller to move fluids through an enclosed chamber, allowing the user to adjust the flow rate and pressure of the fluids accordingly. 8200 has a number of features and components that make it an efficient and reliable pump. It is constructed of durable materials, including centrifugal cast iron, stainless steel, and bronze. The pump's robust design, durable construction, and flexible connection options enable it to be used for a variety of applications in many industries. CTI 8200 also has a wide range of sizes and models, from the 0.5 HP, 4 GPM model to the 1.5 HP, 27 GPM model, with all variations in between. 8200 also features an adjustable motor bearing, allowing users to achieve a higher flow rate and longer life span. In addition, the pump has an integral check valve, ensuring there are no pressure surges during normal operation. The check valve also allows for an adjustable flange, which further enhances the user's ability to customize the pump's speed and performance. In terms of safety, CTI 8200 features an integral oil reserve, allowing users to safely run their pump without the risk of burning out the oil and damaging the bearings. Additionally, the pump is provided with a mechanical seal, which adds protection from environmental debris and contaminants, further enhancing its flexibilty and reliability. 8200 is a highly efficient and reliable pump that is widely utilized in many industries for a variety of uses. Its durable construction, adjustable flange and motor bearing, integral check valve, and integral oil reserve all make this pump an optimal addition to any pumping system. With its high flow rate, adjustable pressure, and enhanced safety features, CTI 8200 is an ideal choice for those looking for an efficient and reliable pumping system.
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