Used CTI 8200 #9068805 for sale

ID: 9068805
CTI 8200 is an advanced pump designed for a variety of industrial applications. This single-stage centrifugal pump is specially engineered to provide years of superior performance and dependability. It features heavy duty stainless steel impellers, an oil-free floating shaft seal, and a pressure maximum of 150 psi. Its noise-reduction layout is designed with a built-in sound-dampening material for a quieter operation. The pump is engineered to meet API 610 specifications for critical applications in the oil and gas industry. It is designed with special construction elements that deliver reliable operation even under the most extreme conditions. Its rotor assembly and conveyance sleeves are manufactured with high-quality materials for enhanced durability. The pump has a distinctive volute construction that allows the fluid to exit the pump in tight concentric paths without any eddying, ensuring an efficient delivery with minimal turbulence. 8200 is designed to offer long-term reliability. Its double mechanical seal design and flush piping helps maintain the pump's integrity during operation. Its motor is designed with special insulation to prevent overheating in challenging environments. The pump also features continuous lubrication and a pressure-regulated seal cavity for enhanced performance. Overall, CTI 8200 is a highly reliable and efficient single stage centrifugal pump designed to operate in the most demanding industrial environments. Its superior components and durable design ensure a longer lifespan while delivering optimal performance. Its comprehensive chemical and corrosion resistance provides maximum reliability in the toughest conditions.
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