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CTI 8500
ID: 131143
CTI 8500 is a semi-submersible progressive cavity pump designed for long-term and reliable pump performance. With the ability to handle round solids up to 70 mm and non-ferrous solids up to 30 mm, it has been specifically designed for a range of challenging applications, from construction sludges to industrial process and wastewater treatment effluent. At the heart of 8500 is its dependable, heavy-duty permanent magnet motor, which offers premium performance and trouble-free operation with a motor efficiency of up to 95%. The motor is protected by a sealed brushless motor cooling system, ensuring continuous operation even in extreme ambient temperatures. The rotation and torque of CTI 8500 are provided by a set of massive alloy gears, reliably transmitting power between the motor and pumping elements. The pump also features a built-in bell housing, which accommodates hydraulic components and allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the pump. The solid pump housing and shaft are both constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The large capacity pump chamber has an open top and a stainless steel intake sump that prevents debris or stringy material from affecting the performance or operation of the pump. To guarantee a superior performance, 8500 features a non-clog, recessed impeller and a patented non-clog, progressing air-valve. The non-clog impeller reduces wear on the pump and helps to keep it running at peak performance. The non-clog progressing air-valve works directly with the pump discharge and helps to maintain the pressure required for long-term pump operational reliability and efficiency. CTI 8500 also offers superior performance in terms of clog resistance and energy efficiency. The unique dyno-elastomer stator design works with the dense alloy gears and robust motor to provide a high-level of performance and reliability in the toughest applications. All of these features come together to form an exceptionally robust and reliable pump system, which is sure to provide many years of reliable service. 8500 is an ideal solution for applications that require a robust, high performance pump.
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