Used CTI 8500 #135769 for sale

ID: 135769
Cryocompressor Water cooled Capable of multiple pumps (25) PSIs of Helium Running hours: 6,417 Power supply: 295/506 VAC, 342/457 VAC, 3 Phase.
CTI 8500 is an industrial pump equipment developed by CTI Technologies. It is a multi-stage centrifugal pump system specifically designed to handle tough, abrasive liquids and slurries at high pressure and temperature. 8500 is constructed with hard coat anodized FT-4 aluminum and stainless steel components with a modular, bolt-together construction, making it ideal for corrosive applications. It also features a durable, patented shaft seal with a high strength alloy for improved bearing life. The pump unit operates based on the principle of centrifugal force, where the rotating impeller creates centrifugal force on the incoming water, pressurizing the liquid and propelling it through the pump outlets. CTI 8500 includes an adjustable variable speed motor drive and features a wide variety of high-flow rates and pressure capabilities. The high-flowhead design ensures efficient operation while the adjustable motor drive offers increased control and precision. 8500 allows for convenient maintenance, due to open-access design and removable impeller shafts. CTI 8500 is highly reliable, efficient and provides a maximum discharge pressure of 1525 PSI. With its efficient hydrodynamic design and low maintenance requirements, 8500 is ideal for use in chemical, oil and gas, and water treatment applications. It is suitably designed for the most demanding environments, offering superior performance under difficult conditions. Overall, CTI 8500 centrifugal pump machine is an ideal choice for handling tough, abrasive fluids, slurries and solutions. Thanks to its modular, bolt-together construction, corrosion-resistant construction, adjustable motor drive and wide range of flow rates and pressures, 8500 is suitable for a variety of chemical and industrial applications.
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