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CTI 8500
ID: 9094095
Cryo compressors 3 Ph, WC, LO.
CTI 8500 is a two-stage, single-suction centrifugal pump designed and manufactured by CTI Systems. This pump is a high-performance, reliable solution for moving large quantities of fluids under a wide range of operating conditions. 8500 features a unique design which maximizes efficiency and ensures long-term reliability and performance in both low-flow and high-flow applications. CTI 8500's two-stage design includes a strategically arranged impeller, diffuser, and volute casing. The impeller is located at the inlet of the pump, and is designed to create high momentum of the fluid entering the pump. The diffuser arranges the flow of the fluid downstream of the impeller to ensure an even distribution of fluid during operation. Finally, the volute casing redirects the flow of the fluid towards the outlet of the pump. 8500 also features a low pulsation axial thrust bearing which allows for quieter operation, as well as a vibration dampening equipment for optimal efficiency. The pump is capable of providing high flow rates at low suction pressures, and can handle fluids of various viscosities and temperatures due to its sophisticated mechanical seal and elastomeric components. In addition, CTI 8500 is designed to work in climates that range from freezing temperatures to high temperatures, making it suitable for use in many different environments. In terms of power consumption and energy efficiency, 8500 is designed to deliver reliable performance while consuming a minimum amount of energy. Furthermore, the pump's superior sealing system and high-quality bearing unit ensures minimal leakage of fluid, further helping to reduce the energy consumption of the machine. CTI 8500 is an ideal solution for many industrial and commercial applications including water transfer, chemical processing, and other low-flow and high-flow fluid transfer applications. It is capable of delivering smooth and even performance in a wide range of pressure, temperature, and viscosity ranges. The pump is also corrosion-resistant and available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of mechanical engineers and plant operations personnel.
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