Used CTI 8500 #9094586 for sale

ID: 9094586
Cryo compressor.
CTI 8500 Series Pump is a market leading equipment designed to provide superior pumping capacity and performance. 8500 pump model has been designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial industries with an efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance operation. The pump is available in a variety of sizes and specifications which are suitable for many applications ranging from general water circulation to high-pressure and high-temperature operations. CTI 8500 pump features an advanced, robust design and a hardened alloy construction which provides high performance and durability. The internal components of the pump are sealed and resistant to harsh environmental conditions, which makes them suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes. The pump is designed to offer reliable performance even in the most challenging conditions. 8500 model includes a low-maintenance design and features a motor that offers a continuous operation with low vibration and noise levels. The motor has a power rating of up to 4.5 kW and a torque rating of up to 7.9 N m, and is compatible with a variety of voltages ranging from 12 VDC to 230 VAC, with single or 3-phase operation. The pump also features an advanced mechanical structure that integrates a shaft seal, which provides excellent sealing performance and protection against contaminants and other particles, and prevents the internal components of the pump from becoming damaged or eroded. CTI 8500 pump is available in a range of sizes, with capacities ranging from 8 liters per minute up to 500 liters per minute, and with operating pressures up to 10 bars for variable displacement pumps. The speed of the pump can be adjusted up to 13,000 rpm to meet the needs of any job, and has a maximum flow rate of up to 500 liters per minute. The pump also features a robust and easy to maintain mechanical drive and is suitable for continuous and intermittent service. 8500 model pump also includes advanced safety features such as pressure overload protection, mechanical overload protection and a thermal overload protection to ensure that the pump operates safely and within the desired parameters. The pump is also certified and approved by CE and UL. Overall, CTI 8500 Series Pump is a reliable and low-maintenance solution that is suitable for industrial and commercial purposes. With its robust design and advanced features, 8500 pump model is reliable and highly efficient, delivering superior performance with minimal disruption and maintenance requirements.
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